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Looking Back With Gratitude
PPC 2022 Year-In-Review

As we look forward to the work before us in 2023, we look back on 2022 with gratitude. The work of our campaign, the work of reconstructing the systems that create the interlocking injustices of poverty, racism, militarism, ecological devastation and the distorted moral narrative, is not easy or short term. While it is clear there is much for us to do it is also clear that our campaign has grown tremendously this year. As we reflect on where we go from here it is clear that where we are is due to the tremendous efforts of each of you! Thank you for being a part of our movement and for moving forward together with us. In 2022:

  • we held 11 Open Houses

  • rallied around a community member who was attacked with a vehicle during a protest

  • ran 3 fundraisers raising thousands of dollars that supported travel  to Washington D.C. for the Mass Poor People's Assembly

  • organized a 100-person delegation to the Mass Assembly in Washington DC on June 18

  • held a virtual talk with Dr. Cornel West and a virtual statewide rally with Dr. Barber and Dr. Theoharis

  • built up over 60 mobilizing partnerships and supported our partners on picket lines, in courthouses, and at rallies

  • Engaged in several get out the vote campaigns for the November midterm elections including our Souls to the Polls Action

  • Welcomed Rev. Kelle Brown as a new Tri-Chair of our state campaign

  • And more!

None of these things would have been possible without the support and activism of hundreds. Whether you read our newsletter and/or website, chipped in to support, came out to one of our events, joined a regional committee or work team, or traveled with our campaign- thank you. We are glad to be in this movement with you.


See what was done

In June 2022, Washington's Poor People's Campaign participated in the Moral Revival Assembly in Washington DC. This 3-day assembly included a Community Dinner at Freedom Plaza, Candle Light Vigil at The Lincoln Memorial, and the Moral Revival Assembly at Constitution Avenue. Video by Chardonnay Beaver.

Live Video from Rally

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