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A Movement,

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The Poor People’s Campaign is building a long-term movement that is building power for the justice and liberation of the poor and all those impacted by the evils of Systemic Racism, The War Economy, Ecological Devastation, Poverty, & our Distorted Moral Narrative.

We stand on the shoulders of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and are taking his vision of the original Poor People’s Campaign and running with it in our time.

Here in Washington State, we have a powerful group of dedicated leaders, members, and supporters who are doing this work in our region. We are committed to shifting the narrative, building power, and impacting elections and policies, all across our state. We are still in the first year of the Campaign here in our state and we are continuing to lay the foundation and build the relationships necessary for a long-term movement.

Currently, we have about 9000 leaders, members, and supporters in our state. For 2021, our goal is to strengthen the relationships, the skills, and the resources among this group. Additionally, we are working to connect to more impacted people all across our state.

Are you someone that is inspired by the Principles, Demands & Priorities of the Campaign? We want to partner with you. Please click the “Join the Campaign” link and complete that process.

Are you part of an organization doing work that reflects an aspect of the Campaign’s priorities and want to explore becoming a Partner of the Poor People’s Campaign? Please send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page and we will respond as soon as we can.

Forward together, NOT ONE STEP BACK!

The Washington State Poor People’s Campaign

Here are some of the people involved in the leadership of the Washington State Poor People’s Campaign. If you are interested in stepping up and becoming a leader with Campaign, please send us an email and we will begin the exploration process with you.

Email:   washington@poorpeoplescampaign.org

Washington State Poor People’s Campaign
Tri-Chairs of the Statewide Coordinating Committee

Tae Phoenix, Theomusicologist 

Karen Schneider

Rev. Bianca Davis-Lovelace, Tri-Chair 

Dorothy Van Soest 

Romy Garcia

Darcy Gillespie,

Lower Columbia

Regional Committee

Ming Chen,

Financial Coordinator

Susan Partnow,

Zoom Master

A Tribute to

Mary Wolfskill Ybarra

Mary Wolfskill Ybarra, a founding member of the Washington Poor Peoples Campaign Coordinating Committee and tireless activist, passed peacefully in her sleep on June 20, 2021, after a long fight with Stage 4 cancer.


Mary was the kind of person who made sure the necessary things happened without needing any fanfare. She was dignified without being stuffy and relentlessly kind, even to people who weren’t being particularly kind to her. Every time I think of her, I want to be a better person. Her memory is assuredly already a blessing. May it continue to be so for all the days to come. --Tae Phoenix


Mary was a dear friend and a champion of the poor. She was a saint, in my opinion. I will miss her dearly. -- Nathan Michael Black


I'm so grateful for Mary's commitment to the people and the way she reminded me to have more grace for myself. I'm certain I'm a better organizer and human being because of her. --CB Brennan


Mary possessed a witty mind, and a strong commitment to creating a more just and equitable society. --Romy Garcia


The world lost a champion for the poor when Mary's light went out!  She cared for the homeless in her midst with such grace and compassion, which led her to be such a strong member of the PPC to change conditions which lead to poverty.  I will miss Mary's generous and fun spirit! --Karen Schneider


Mary’s spirit continues in the Poor People’s Campaign and within all of us who knew and worked with her. Her commitment, tireless advocacy, and compassionate leadership always gave me hope, even in the darkest of times, that we shall overcome!  --Dorothy Van Soest

Mary Wolfskill Ybarra photo in  jpeg_edi

Karen Schneider

Darcy Gillespie,

Lower Columbia

Regional Committee