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Poverty and low wealth is the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. Unjust policies and narratives create and maintain poverty, systemic racism, militarism, and ecological devastation leading to the early deaths of people living in poverty across the nation. In our campaign we call this what it is: policy murder.

That is why the Poor People’s Campaign focuses on building a moral fusion movement across difference that will change the narrative about poverty and end policy murder in this country. We are called to remember PPC is not an organization; it is a movement. It is called a moral movement because it is something we have to do. Going forward rather than endorsing every policy or engaging in a bunch of actions, the Poor People’s Campaign: A Call for Moral Revival is focused on building and growing a movement. To that end, the WA PPC will focus its efforts between now and June 2024 on the following four things:

  • We will expand the size of the WA state coordinating committee to include at least 30 people: at least 10 faith leaders who have constituencies, at least 10 people currently impacted by poverty/low-wealth, and at least 10 activists. 

  • We plan to send a delegation of at least 25-30 people to the semi-annual Moral Poverty Action Congress, to be held in Washington DC June 19-22, 2023. The Congress is a time for people who want to be part of building a movement that lasts to learn how to build the campaign, to organize for the mass state assembly in February 2024, and to strengthen our work and focus our efforts on ending policy murder in this country. The deadline for registration is May 15th. Travel assistance will be available for those who need it.

  • We will host a Mass State PPC Assembly of at least 1,000 people at the state capitol in Olympia in February 2024 to be held simultaneously with 30 other states. 

  • We will send a large delegation the June 2024 semi-annual Mass Poor and Low Wage Workers Rally and Assembly in DC.

Please join us in these focused efforts to build a movement that lasts! It is going to take all of us to end policy murder in this country. Let us know how you want to be involved or if you want to learn more:


Sharing actions from several of our partners in solidarity with their work.

LELO strives to empower low-income workers of color, recent immigrants and women workers to assert their rights, improve their working conditions and gain a voice in their workplaces, trade unions and communities in the U.S. and across the globe.

LELO will host their annual dinner and awards in honor of Silme Domingo, Gene Viernes, and Milton Jefferson on Saturday June 3rd at 5 PM. The dinner will focus on how ordinary workers can create extraordinary change. RSVP for the dinner below.


Founded in 1992, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), AFL-CIO, is the first and only national organization of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workers, most of who are union members, and our allies advancing worker, immigrant and civil rights. APALA's 17th Biennial Convention will be held in Seattle Thursday August 3rd to Sunday August 6th. RSVP for the convention using the yellow button to the right.


Thank you for all that you do in communities across the state and for this campaign! Forward Together! Not One Step Back!

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Poor People's Campaign

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and information about the 2023 Washington state legislative session.

2023 Washington State Legislative Session

WA PPC Partner Legislative agenda links


Fix Democracy First - they do not have a legislative agenda posted on their website yet however their work focuses on money in politics, voting access, fair representation, and civic engagement and education.


Washington State Labor Council - The state labor council has its leg agenda here. There may also be some discussion about pushing back against the merger between Kroger and Albertsons


Washington Community Action Network - Are focused on a bill addressing the state clemency and pardons board which will reestablish parole in Washington State.


Healthcare Is a Human Right - their legislative agenda here.


Faith Action Network - their legislative agenda here


Fuse Washington - their legislative agenda here.


350 WA - their legislative agenda here.


Washington People's Privacy – they do not have a legislative agenda posted yet but focus on protecting the privacy rights of impacted communities from the overreach of law enforcement and large coorperations.


Washington Community Alliance – their legislative agenda will be updated here. Last years information is still listed.


La Resistencia – will be announcing support for bills soon. La Resistencia is a grassroots organization led by undocumented immigrants based in Washington State working to end the detention of immigrants and stop deportations.

Past Events



The Washington Poor People's Campaign was excited to partner with the Faith Action Network for their Interfaith Advocacy Day on February 9th in Olympia. Our experiences and understanding of the interlocking injustices our communities face each day need to be heard in Olympia. By gathering together we directly addressed our lawmakers and urged them to pass moral policies that fully address poverty and low wealth from the bottom up.

Faith Action Network, a WA PPC mobilizing partner, has extensive experience in organizing advocacy days in Olympia. The full day included morning workshops with information about the issues and training on how to effectively advocate, a catered lunch, and the opportunity to meet with your legislators directly!

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Watch the photo album and the video created by Chardonnay Beaver, our student communications specialist of Washington State participation in the June 18, 2022 Mass Poor People's and Low-Wage Workers' Assembly and Moral March on Washington DC and to the polls. In the meantime,

14 Policy Priorities to Heal the Nation:
A Moral and Economic Agenda for the First 100 Days

On behalf of the 140 million poor and low-income people in the country, the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival – and our 45 state coordinating committees, thousands of religious leaders, scholars, economists, advocates and hundreds of supporting organizations – insists that state legislatures, governors and the US Congress prioritize the following policies from the Poor People’s Jubilee Platform immediately.

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