Join a Work Team



Volunteer to work on one of WAPPC’s work teams. Would involve attending regular calls and meetings, and taking ownership of specific roles, responsibilities, and leadership development. If you are interested in being on one of the following work teams, let us know what skills you would commit to bringing to the work: 


Communications Team

Responsible for operationalizing an effective and coordinated social media platform aimed at creating and mobilizing an all-inclusive, multi-generational movement. To realize the Poor People's Campaign principle of "everyone in, no one out," the WAPPC presence of multiple platforms is required; therefore, we are looking for people with skills related to one of the following: 

  • website

  • email Action Network

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Video creation and editing

  • Zoom skills

  • Writing skills

  • Media/Press Releases


Outreach Team

Responsible for growing the movement by:

  • increasing the number of people in our WAPPC Action Network

  • developing regional committees in different geographical areas of the state

  • creating mobilizing partnerships with organizations, faith communities, labor councils and other groups/movements whose missions are in alignment with the principles of the PPC.


Legislative/Advocacy Team

Works to strengthen and expand our ability to mobilize our WAPPC network to take legislative action by joining with the strong and growing network of already existing advocacy organizations and groups in Washington state. We are seeking team members who are:

  • interested in and have skills/experience in legislative advocacy

  • connected with organizations/groups whose missions are in alignment with the principles of the PPC.

  • representatives from organized labor; members of advocacy groups/committees in faith and non-faith communities 


Action/Events Team

Responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out different types of actions and events such as our monthly Open Houses, state actions that are part of a coordinated national PPC action, town hall events, protests/rallies (from organizing our own to helping to organize other groups’ actions to having a presence at other groups’ actions), visits/protests/demand at representatives’ offices, etc. We are seeking members with


  • Skills, experience, and commitment in one or more of the following areas:

    • Event and Action planning and organizing

    • Breaking down action plan into steps and each step into smaller tasks

    • Assuming responsibility for specific tasks

    • Anticipating how things could go wrong and contingency planning

    • Publicity/promotion/marketing skills


  • Connections to groups/organizations/labor groups that are aligned with the principles and actions of the PPC


  • Represent different areas of the state