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How to become a
Washington Poor People’s Campaign Mobilizing Partner

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Become a Washington Poor People’s Campaign Mobilizing Partner

The PPC is a moral fusion movement that unites people all over the country to address the interlocking injustices of systemic poverty, racism, militarism, ecological devastation, and a distorted moral narrative that has led to over 140 million people being poor or low wealth.  We are recruiting mobilizing partners who have the common vision, principles and goals in order to build the people power to make the structural changes in society envisioned by Dr. King. Please review the  PPC Fundamental Principles and Covenant of Non-Violence documents and explore our websites for more information:  national and state If you are a local group or church that is part of a national body already on the national list of endorsing organizations and faith partners of the Poor People’s Campaign (, we encourage you to sign on as a Washington state partner as well. 


Mobilizing Partners agree to allow us to list them on our website and, as appropriate and relevant:

  • Put PPC actions in their newsletters, bulletins, etc.

  • Encourage their members to sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter by registering on

  • Encourage their members to attend PPC actions (individuals who participate in PPC on the ground actions will be asked to agree to and sign the Covenant of Nonviolence.)


Follow these steps to become a Washington State Poor People’s Campaign Movement Mobilizing Partner:

  1. Decide!  Have an authorized representative of your organization or faith community review the official PPC Fundamental Principles and Covenant of Non-Violence. Those documents and more information about the PPC can be found at and  (Feel free to email us at if you have specific questions about becoming a partner in Washington state. 

  2. Notify us! Send us an email at  to let us know your group is in alignment with the PPC fundamental principles and that you want to be a mobilizing partner, along with contact information for a person with whom we can communicate.

  3. Get approved! The Washington State Coordinating Committee will have final approval of all additions to the list of WAPPC Movement Mobilizing Partners.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What other WA organizations are mobilizing partners? 

So far we have 60+ WPPC mobilizing partners. Attached is a list of WAPPC mobilizing partners with several more in the process of being added. Also attached is the list of national PPC mobilizing partners to give you an idea of the breadth of involvement there is in this fusion movement. When a national body is a partner (e.g.,Indivisible), we hope to add the state or local chapters of those bodies as state partners as well as organizations that are only local, regional or statewide here. 


Do mobilizing partners have a voice in choosing actions and campaigns WAPPC undertakes? 

The PPC is a movement, not an organization, and as such we don't have a formal board or endorser committee of representatives. It is a mutually beneficial partnership that furthers our common mission and work and welcomes suggestions and ideas about what our mobilizing partners would like us to do, what issues they want us to endorse and support. We have a network of folks ready to join the actions of our partners when possible and a mobilizing partners’ section in our newsletter to get the word out to our base about partner actions and initiatives. i.e., it’s a way for all of us to be in the movement for change together. In essence, the partnership is one in which we ask you to let your folks know about our actions or initiatives when they fit with your focus and you let us know what initiatives and actions you want us to let our base know about. 


Are there any fees or dues involved in becoming a mobilizing partner? 

No. The only requirement is that your group mission and work is in alignment with the Fundamental principles of the PPC and that you designate a contact person with whom we can communicate. 

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