Join the Washington State Poor People's Campaign

Getting Started With the Washington State Poor People’s Campaign

(This is an evolving document! Last updated May 2021)


Thank you for your interest in taking the next step to get involved with the Poor People’s Campaign in our beautiful state!


You are likely in one of three groups.

1)    You are new to the Campaign, a prospective Local Organizer, and someone who will be a committed supporter of the Campaign and begin organizing your close network.             


2)    You are a prospective Regional or State Organizer and someone who will take ownership of different roles, tasks, and movement building in your Regional Committee or on the State Coordinating Committee. This will need to be someone who has 10-20 hours a month to dedicate to this work.         OR...

3)    You are part of an organization that may want to become an official Mobilizing Partner of the Washington State Poor People’s Campaign.


How to become a committed supporter of the campaign: (people who are new to the Campaign)

1.    Join the Campaign!

1.    Do this by completing the “Join” form on the national website, It will ask for your email address, name, and zip code. Putting in your Washington State zip code will make sure you get plugged into the communications from our state’s leaders.

2.    Read the Covenant of Non-Violence and Fundamental Principles.

3.    Educate yourself on the Campaign.

1.    Study the “Learn” section on the national website. Ex: Read the Moral Budget, watch videos on the National PPC’s YouTube Channel, go through the resources on our websites.

2.    Connect to us on social media:

1.    Like our page and join the group on Facebook!   Apply to join the FB group!

2.    Follow us on Twitter!

3.    Follow us on Instagram!


3.    Become an unofficial Local Organizer of the Campaign:

1.    Physically attend events, trainings, rallies, and protests when possible.

2.    Boost and share events and posts from the Campaign.

3.    Invite your friends, followers, etc. to participate in rallies and protests.

4.    Plug into the monthly Open House conversations on Zoom. (you will get the link if you have joined the campaign on the national website.)

5.    Help recruit Mobilizing Partners for the Campaign (see below for more information). If you or someone you know are members of a faith community,
union, community organization that has similar values, principles and demands, we would LOVE to talk with them about becoming Movement Partners. Review the information below and send it to them.  You can also send an email to with their information and we will reach out.

6.    Join a regional committee in your area if there is one.


How to become more active:

1.    Complete all of the items listed above for Local Organizers.

2.    Send a photo of the signature page of the Covenant of Non-Violence and Fundamental Principles to before coming to a PPC event or bring a signed copy to the event.

3.    You may be someone who has essential skills or experience that can support movement building. For example: Social Media, Fundraising, Phone Banking, Writing Press Releases, Event planning, Community Organizing, Policy/Legislation Analysis, etc.  Please send us a message at and tell us more about who you are, what you bring to the table, and how you hope to contribute to our leadership teams.

4.    Begin organizing an unofficial committee of the Campaign. Similar to number 3 above, but you’re now building a community of supporters in your local area.

1.    Support your new community of supporters in completing the 3 steps above and becoming Local Organizers themselves.

2.    Plan regular times to meet, talk about the 5 evils in your area, learn more about the Campaign together, etc.

3.    Contact us at and ask for the WAPPC Regional Committee Guide. Review the guide and begin creating a plan to turn your unofficial committee into a an official committee.

5.    At this point, you will be provided access to some additional communication channels and organizing resources to assist you with your process.

6.    Designate one or two representatives from your Regional group to be on the weekly or semi-monthly Coordinating Committee meetings (via conference call or Zoom).

To get more information or
join the Washington state
Poor People's Campaign,
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