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Join the Washington State Poor People's Campaign

Getting started with the Washington Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival


Thank you for your interest in taking the next step to get involved with the Poor People’s Campaign in our beautiful state!


Ways to become engaged as a PPC supporter:


1. Join the Campaign!                            

  1. Do this by completing the “Join” form on You will be asked for your email address, name, and zip code. Putting in your Washington State zip code will plug you into the communications from Washington PPC.

  2. Read the Covenant of Non-Violence and Fundamental Principles.

  3. Educate yourself on the Campaign.

    1. Study the “Learn” section on the national website. Ex: Read the Moral Budget, watch videos on the National PPC’s YouTube Channel, go through the resources on our websites.

    2. Also check out Washington’s website:


2. Connect to us on social media:

  1. Like our page and join the group on Facebook!   Apply to join the FB group!

  2. Follow us on Twitter!

  3. Follow us on Instagram!


3. Join a work group- Being a statewide organization we want representatives from all regions in the state and all meetings are on zoom. More details about these work teams is attached.





4. As an individual you can support the PPC by:

  1. Attend events, trainings, rallies, and protests on zoom or in person,  when possible. Follow National PPC events so we can use our collective people power to make our voice heard.

  2. Boost and share events and posts from the Campaign.

  3. Invite your friends, co-workers etc.  to participate in rallies and protests.

  4. Tune into the monthly Open House on Zoom on the first Monday of the month at 7pm. to get updates.  Link in newsletter and Facebook page.)

  5. Help recruit Movement Mobilizing Partners for the Campaign. If you or someone you know are members of a faith community, union, community organization that has similar values, principles and demands, we would LOVE to talk with them about becoming Movement Partners. Review the information below and send it to them.  You can also send an email to with their information and we will reach out.

To get more information or
join the Washington state
Poor People's Campaign,
email us

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